3 Reasons a Sinus Lift Can Improve your Oral Health

Nowadays, people are always in search for different effective ways on how to achieve perfection. Everyone wants to be attractive and one of the most popular qualities that people want to achieve is having a perfect smile. Aside from having a beautiful face, fair skin and gorgeous body, having a perfect smile is definitely one of the features that attracts people. A beautiful smile can improve one’s self-confidence.

However, many people have dental problems resulting to teeth loss. For people who are searching for a hassle-free solution for tooth loss, dentists can easily perform dental implants. In fact, dental implants are more teeth saving compared to the traditional bridgework because implants don not need bordering teeth for support. However, sufficient jawbone is required to have the implant.

One of the dental procedures that can improve oral health is sinus lift, which is a medical procedure carried out by certified dentist or a dental specialist. Here are the three reasons why you should consider having sinus lift to improve your oral health.

1. Sinus lift is done to improve the bone mass of the maxilla or the top jaw that can help increase the success of dental implants. Artificial bone grafting material or iliac crest is attached to the bone or endosseous, which is located below the maxillary sinus floor. The existence of sinus tends to compress the amount of bone in the upper jaw, which is also known as sinus augmentation.

2. You need a sinus lift if your upper jaw does not have sufficient bone, or your sinus is too close to your jaw for dental implants. People who have lost their teeth in the upper jaw or molars do not have enough bone for implants. This condition may be due to the skull’s anatomy wherein the lower jaw has more bone than the upper jaw. Some people may have lost the bone due to gum or periodontal disease. In many cases, tooth loss can result to bone loss. When you lose your teeth, you bone will begin to be absorbed again back to the body. There will be no adequate bone for dental implants if teeth are lost for a long time.

3. Sinus lift can surely improve oral health. Through this procedure, teeth that are long gone can be replaced with dental implants. The need for a sinus lift will depend on the anatomy of the jaw line. A dental implant requires a critical bone mass that surrounds it to be able to bind to it and have enough stability and strength. Once dental implants are done, having a perfect smile is already possible. In addition, oral infection can be prevented due to tooth loss.

Sinus lift is done at the dentist’s clinic. A certified dentist begins the procedure using a local anesthesia. Several methods can be done for sinus lift, which are all technical. However, there is one result with all these methods, which is the dentist’s access to the sinus’ lower part or the membrane located over the jawbone.

The sinus membrane is then lifted and the dentist fills the gap using the bone graft material. The space will eventually form a bone tissue, increasing the bone mass of the area. Afterwards, the part will be closed and stitched up. The recovery usually last for at least six months.