How To Become A Dentist In Melbourne

Becoming a dentist will ensure that you are never short of a job in dentistry. You can either work for someone else, be attached to a hospital or set up your own dental practice. To become a dentist in Melbourne you will need to study at the University of Melbourne. The Bachelor of Science course that you need to take is of 5 years duration. During this time you will learn both the theory and practical skills needed to become a dentist.

Before you can enrol to be a dentist in Melbourne you will need to take the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT). The prerequisite subjects you need to take include chemistry, physics, biology, English and mathematics. You will need to dedicate yourself to study as good passes are required in each subject.

Once you have been accepted into the relevant course you will be studying such subjects as neuroscience, pharmacology, pathology, microbiology, anatomy, chemistry and biology. Dentists in Melbourne consider their careers to be rewarding and challenging. They enjoy the teamwork necessary to work together in a busy practice or in the public health sector.

To become a successful dentist in Melbourne you will need to enjoy study and working with your hands, be good at communicating with all ethnic groups, have good analytical and spatial skills and be well organised.

After you have trained to become a dentist in Melbourne it is possible to undertake further study to become a dental surgeon, a cosmetic dentist or branch out into other areas. You can also choose to specialise in children’s or seniors teeth.